1. Scrabble Game

    The game of Scrabble built entirely from scratch with a C# .NET real-time backend and a ReactJS frontend -- utilising Tries and LinkedLists data structures.

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    Scrabble Game
  2. Quickteller Paypoint Mobile

    A mobile application which enables over 10,000+ SMEs carry out financial transactions for their neighbourhood. The app built with React Native, leverages Microsoft AppCenter's CodePush tool for over-the-air updates.

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    Quickteller Paypoint Mobile
  3. React Table of Content Component

    A table of content component built for ReactJS. It extracts the headings from HTML content to a tree (to preserve hierarchy); and then uses recursion to display the headings. It has a worst-case runtime of O(n x m) -- where 'n' is the length of the HTML content and 'm' is the number of headings in the content.

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    React Table of Content Component
  4. Huntela

    A savvy search module that's an alternative to the default `filter` method. It offers a range of powerful search functions, including fuzzy search (which returns results which closely match the search term), binary search, and searches for least/most frequent items in a list.

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  5. Traides

    A concierge of smart commerce tools for SME businesses based in Nigeria. This software built on Django and NextJS currently provides payments, logistics, book keeping and a host of other functionalities to businesses selling online and physically.

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